About us

Foodwitch exists to create the fastest, healthiest and tastiest recipes on the planet. If you find a more exciting or convenient meal idea that can be made from scratch, please, for the love of humanity, report it to Foodwitch immediately so it can be thoroughly tested and shared!

Food knows no boundaries

Designed for those of us with a 21st century lifestyle of work hard, play harder, go back to work again and do it all over again, the Foodwitch Nirvana is for the nation to be a healthier, wealthier, happier place through the simple yet essential medium of food. Good food makes us happy, healthy food does us good. In the world of Foodwitch, good food saves us money, healthy food saves us time. By making our lives just a little bit happier, we might just have enough energy to get on and do the important things in life.

Way back when

It all started a few years back. I wanted to eat healthier but found I could spend an entire Sunday scouring the internet for meal ideas, only to end up down the chippie more than I'd like. It wasn't that there weren't any recipes, it was just that they were all American. Those guys across the pond seem to have a very different idea about what makes a healthy, nutritious meal - after discovering a recipe consisting of little more than a " tin of gravy" I decided it was time to put my hand in my pocket and get some good books on the subject.

Experiments in the cauldron

I love non-fiction books (nearly as much as I love food) so I was in my absolute element reading the crème de la crème of diet books and cross referencing their advice, with traditional nutritional tomes and almanacs. SO much so that I embarked on a nutritional therapy course. After absorbing the collective wisdom of the professionals, I set about experimenting with new fangled foods and tastes; concocting different ways to make the cooking process as quick and easy as possible for the most flavoursome results, all whilst maximising the health benefits of each meal.

Saving more than a few inches off your waistline

Conjuring up your own delicious, satisfying meals from scratch has a fantastic bonus; not only do you end up eating your 5-a-day, but you save money too (and lots of it!). Here's 3 ways you can save by cooking your own fast healthy food…

  1. Use tried and tested recipes to serve the correct portion sizes.

    …How much do you spend on food each week that you end up throwing away?

  2. Make double the recipe to enjoy the meal another day without the need to cook.

    …How much do you spend on takeaways and ready meals each week?

  3. Buy less products wrapped in packaging to save excessive waste going to landfill

    …How much do you spend on unrecyclable packaged foods every week?

What next?

  • Make your own fast healthy food
  • Create delicious meals in 5-30 minutes
  • Use fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Eat fewer ready meals and takeaways
  • Reduce packaging and food waste
  • Feel healthier and happier!
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